How to kill out the fear of failure in IELTS?

13 Sep

Many of the IELTS learners (even with good English skills) have this fear of failure in them. One thing that is here to understand is this that knowing language is one thing but applying it in the right manner is a different thing. Many of the students who know English language do know perfectly well how to be able to get through this IELTS test, making use of their own English language. (I have even come across students who foolishly believe that their English language is just simply enough and this will help them get through this test easily, well, if the truth is told then this fact can not be neglected that the one who knows the language has great degree of chances of getting through the exam than the one who doesn’t know the nuts and bolts of the English perfectly well.

But, now if anyone is assuming that the test is just about the knowing English then it will be wrong because, this test is based on scientific evaluation of how far the applicant know the language, so really a different approach to practicing this test is required).

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Tips for IELTS test takers – Tips that can help you get through the test easily

12 Sep

Well, I am a professional IELTS trainer. I have 20 years of experience in training students for the IELTS. I have come across many students who are both intelligent and less intelligent. I have taught students who know English language and those who do not know English language. During my career, I have noticed one common thing in many of the students which is related to IELTS preparation. I have observed that the students who are good at academics show diffidence when it comes to taking IELTS. I really do not know why but I have noticed that the students who have a desire to go abroad and study but have fear in attempting this test. Many of the students have even displayed this sort of fear in the classroom.
Many a times it happened that the students who apply for the IELTS coaching classes show some unusual kind of fear. In the first class itself they display this fear, when you ask them what they know about IELTS then they would just say that it stands for International English Language Testing System. And when you ask them why one has to take this test? Then you may expect to receive the same common answer from a large number of students (that is to go abroad or to be able to study in an English speaking country, to find the best employment opportunities etc).